Conor Lawless

Scientific Computing

data science, dynamic simulation modelling, genomics, interactive visualisation, dashboards, image & video analysis

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About me

A family of mathematical models describing population growth

In this post, I will describe a family of three related mathematical models of population dynamics. Since their development, scientists have used these models to simulate the growth of a wide range of different types of populations including the growth of microbial cells, plant growth and the growth of human populations. Each of these three models are written down in the form of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and are relatively straightforward to simulate from. ... Read more

About Me

I am a freelance scientific computing consultant. I’d really like to help you with any computational projects. My background is in engineering and applied maths and I have a great deal of experience with data science, statistics and programming. Topics I could help you with include data visualisation, statistical and mathematical modelling, dynamic simulation and image analysis. Please drop me a line or give me a call on +44 (0)7398 748 247 if you’d like to discuss how I could contribute to your project. ... Read more