James and I are going to do a one month residency at the Rednile gallery space in Sunderland starting on 24th September. This will be loads of fun. We will make differently-dimensioned shapes and animations, beating mathematics with the mighty stick of art. There will be lego. The exhibition title is "I won the maths prize at school", because James did, and he is very pleased about that.

We went down there last night to have a look at the place, meet the Rednile people and to go to the opening of Anu Turunen's exhibition there. Anu had done this incredible work where she had projected a free-standing door and a metre-rule leaning against a wall onto the wall and floor behind them. An unlit electric bulb hung at the extremely low point of projection. The shadow thrown was marked in very matt black baize. It was lots of fun to look at.

The space is really nice. The gallery has a painted concrete floor, exposed girders and piping in the ceiling. Walls are painted white blocks and bricks. There are two meaty metal sliding access doors at the back. There is a roller shutter at the front for access, but they have installed some glass panels behind them to make it all swish. It is architecturally honest! You can see everything that makes up the space, the concrete of the floor, the material of the walls, the structural girders, and the services.

We will be allowed to use the studio upstairs as well. The building is really interesting. It's an old abandoned sewing factory. Lots of strange industrial corridors, and weird junk.