Daedalus of DREADCO.

A few weeks ago, I had the very great pleasure of visiting the home of Prof. David Jones to take some photographs of him and some of his creations as promotional material for a documentary about him by Adrin Neatrour. Prof. Jones is probably most famous for writing the Daedalus columns in New Scientist and Nature, but is also well known for building unridable bicycles, investigating Napoleon's death, and building puzzlingly perpetual motion machines.






He is a fascinating, mischevious and inspirational scientist and engineer with a house packed to the brim with amazing tools and gadgets. Prof. Jones showed me a lathe where he had recently carved a set of billiard balls with centres of gravity which were not located at their centres to give to a relative as a christmas present!

Adrin's documentary is really enjoyable, I recommend it to anyone, and it will shown, for free at the Tyneside Cinema at 3pm on Tuesday 16th March 2010 as part of the Newcastle Science Festival 2010.

The documentary is distributed by Galloping Films.