EasyJet don't do bicycles

Easyjet are pretty sly. They claim to accept bikes on planes, and at a lower cost than their rival Ryanair. However, they are now insisting that you put your bike in a box or a bike-bag before accepting it on the plane. This is basically useless for anyone doing cycling tours, as cycling to and from airports with an enormous cardboard box is simply not practical. I think they should remove their claim to carry bikes from their site, and replace it with an offer to carry boxes of a certain weight and dimension instead.

When I go on a cycling holiday, it's pretty important that I can just cycle up to the airport, adjust my bike (align the handlebars, turn in the pedals, remove the saddle etc.) and have it transported basically intact. Even if I do have the luxury of someone to drive me to the airport with my bike packed up, what am I supposed to do on the other side? Once I start my cycling tour, I have to discard all packaging, and when I return to the airport I now have no way of taking the bike home.

EasyJet suck.