I got very excited last night when I returned to find a mysterious package from Russia:

It's not often that you get a parcel from Russia. It was the catalogue for the Illuminators exhibition of round images and videos which is going on in Yekaterinburg airport. There are some reports about the opening here.

James and I submitted a circly image, and I sent off one of my Photovinyl images. The organisers emailed me back to say that something had been accepted several weeks ago, and that they were sending on the catalogue soon. Looking at the catalogue I discovered that they managed quite a spectacular mangling of the two submissions:

The errors I can spot so far: James does not look like me. The image was created by James and I, not me alone. The title of the image was not Barrel. The English description under the image applies to the other submission which was not accepted. I don't know what the Russian description says.

Still, it's nice to think that there's a circly beachball looking thing hanging up in the airport over there. I was quite pleased with the description I had written for it. All about 3D vs 2D.