James had the opening of his new show 15 at the Star & Shadow. He has let all of his big robots out for a holiday, and became one himself for a while, and played some music for us. It's always great to see his robots.

He also showed us his new film where he recorded 15 seconds of video footage every day for a year. 15*365/(60*60)=1.52 hours of footage. It was really enjoyable. It was surprisingly engaging and exteremely funny in parts. James must have thought a lot about what he wanted to tell us and show us. He was impressively honest the whole way through, and overall it was an uplifting record of an artist's life.

There was an article written about it in the Evening Chronicle here and they have hosted a 5 min preview of the film here. I guess that last link will break eventually.

I took some photos which you can see here.