After about 7 years of aching bloody bastard hip every time I run for more than about 10 consecutive minutes, I have discovered a magical (but extremely painful) way to stretch which has been slowly eliminating the problem over the past few months.

On St Stephen's day 2008, I ran the Fields of Athenry 10k in 44 mins 26 seconds (or 22 seconds by my watch). You'll have to scroll down a long way on that page as I came 150th! I would kind of like to do that in 40 mins or under, but I'm not sure how feasible that is since a) I was totally exhausted after the race and b) I can't achieve anything like that pace when I go out running on my own. For instance I have been doing these training runs: (8.7km 42mins 15s 39mins 42s) (5.1km 25mins 20s 23mins 20s 22mins 45s) (5.7km 28mins approx. 27mins 34s 25mins 15s24mins 45s) (4.5km 19mins 05s) (7.6km 35mins 10s)

Anyway, I will see how I get on. 40 mins. That's the goal.