bikehike is a UK site on which you can record run/hike/cycle routes online. Routes can be input by either clicking on a google map (or indeed using google routefinder) or by uploading a set of GPS coordinates as generated by a GPS-aware training watch for example. This is pretty much how the gmap-pedometer site works, BUT this is far more awesome since as well as using the full range of google map tools (satellite view, nice interface for zooming around, postcode search etc.) it also incorporates information from the ordnance survey, such as elevation data! Also OS maps tend to have many more nameplaces on them than google maps.

To see it in action, here is the route I run on Wednesdays. If you check the Show Elevation Data box, you can see the route elevation, and if you click on the Satellite button, you can see a browsable overhead photograph of the route. This is far cooler than the gmap-pedometer routes I had saved previously.

Now all I need is one of those GPS watches...