This is a site where you can generate infinitely refreshable pages for browsing flickr. To use it, you simply go here:

and fill in whatever fields you like. Well, not quite whatever you like, you have to choose at least one type of flickr content (e.g. a flickr user's favourites, their photostream, a group URL or a list of tags to search for). You also need to choose a name for the site you are generating. One word is usually best. Sharon generated this example:

When you go to this page, you can refresh, by clicking on links towards the bottom of the page, or by using the refresh button on your browser, or by pressing CTRL+R.

You can find the flickr photopage of the large image in the foreground by clicking on the image, or the background image by clicking on the small "background image" link towards the bottom left of the page. These photopages contain more information about the images, such as the photographer's name, a description of the photo, other photos by the same photographer etc.