I'm currently redesigning my blog pages to take advantage of newer web technologies that I'm interested in, such as: HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, Python, Apache and Git. The new design is a static website built from flat files and folders and should be flexible enough to allow me to enjoy writing things online again. The previous incarnation of these pages was a Drupal installation that I set up and hosted myself. In the past few years I have found Drupal to be extremely restrictive. In particular it limits the way in which I can embed content in articles I write. It was not the same as writing HTML directly. I've finally gotten round to eliminating Drupal, and I suspect that I would be similarly unhappy with Wordpress. For the moment, here is a list of archival articles from my old blog (which was built using PHP and Drupal, neither of which I am interested in any longer). I've converted the articles to raw HTML which I hope to format nicely using the technologies listed above at some point. URLs should be preserved from the Drupal site, so old links are preserved and will be found at the same location by search engines. The box at the bottom of this page is for a custom search of the articles on this site.

Things left to do include: writing some nice CSS to pretty this up, designing a layout for the front page, automatic construction of front page and RSS feed upon addition of new articles, sticking code for automation on GitHub.